Horseware Amigo Summer Sheet/Travel Rug

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Horseware Amigo Summer Sheet/Travel Rug

Amigo Summer Sheet The Amigo Summer Sheet is an attractive, lightweight summer sheet that will help to keep your horse clean and dust free during the summer months. Made from durable cotton it has the classic original shape with straight front closures and cross surcingles with a shoulder liner to prevent rubbing. It fits well in front of the withers to prevent slippage and tightness across the chest area. This rug is ideally used as a lightweight stable sheet or travel rug during the warmer summer months. Available in sizes from 5'9 to 7'0This item does not come with leg covers Made from durable cotton.A Classic original shape.?? Picture is for illustration purposes only is not the correct colour

brand: Horseware

Price this gift - 22.00 GBP

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